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What is ZVD's Ceramic Club?
ZV Detailing's Ceramic Club is our community of clean car enthusiasts that love discounts and deals on their details and ceramic coatings. Members get exclusive access to our Maintenance Wash Program, Instant Discounts, and Exclusive Deals year round. Keep reading for more info!

How do I join the club?

To get in the club, you will need to book an Auto Ceramic Coating with ZV Detailing. We have tons of information on what a ceramic coating is, how it works, and the benefits that it creates for your vehicle. We also have all of our ceramic coating packages here on our website.

1. Maintenance Washes

We offer a maintenance washing program exclusively for The Ceramic Club. Our maintenance wash program is guaranteed to keep your vehicle(s) looking freshly detailed on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis!

Exclusive Maintenance Program Options:

1 Full Interior/Exterior Detail per month (+Bonus Ceramic Topper!)

  • Cars = $100/month
  • SUVs/Trucks = $125/month
  • XL SUVs/Vans= $175/month

4 Full Interior/Exterior Detail per Year (+Bonus Ceramic Topper!)

  • Cars = $145/quarter
  • SUVs/Trucks = $165/quarter
  • XL SUVs/Vans= $215/quarter

2 Full Interior/Exterior Detail per Year (+Bonus Ceramic Topper!)

  • Cars = $165/semiannually
  • SUVs/Trucks = $185/semiannually
  • XL SUVs/Vans= $235/semiannually

***We offer $25 off for adding an additional vehicle to your maintenance package***

2. Instant Discounts

There are several discounts that you will receive immediately after joining The Ceramic Club! These discounts include:

Boat and Jetski Detailing

$300 off boat ceramic coating

SUV detailing

$100 off another vehicle's ceramic coating

$50 off your next inhome ceramic coating

3. Exclusive Deals

Additionally, being in The Ceramic Club will grant you access to exclusive deals throughout the year. We offer discount to the club on almost every holiday, including holiday you may have never seen or heard of! You can also expect a birthday discount!

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for the 5 for 5 deal!

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ZV Detailing precisely checking the application of a ceramic coating on a car