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We provide drop-off and On-site services

For your convenience, we offer our services at our on-site facility or bring them to you! While you book, just let us know when and where!

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Frequently Asked questions

What is a ceramic coating?

A Ceramic Coating is comparable to a wax, but better! Ceramic coatings are the glossiest, longest lasting, most durable form of protection currently on the market. They create a thin, hydrophobic layer on the top layer of your vehicles paint, chemically bonding to the vehicles paint underneath. Unlike a wax, a ceramic coating will not break down rapidly and will not require re-application every few months.

Will a ceramic coating cover up scratches?

No, a ceramic coating will not cover up scratches. In order to get rid of scratches, your vehicle must undergo a paint correction with a dual action polisher. All of our ceramic coating options contain varying levels of paint correction to enable maximum gloss post application.

Will I still need to wash my car?

Yes, you will still need to wash your car after a ceramic coating is applied. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. Although you will still need to wash your vehicle, the hydrophobic properties will allow you to minimize the effort for better results.

Can a ceramic coating go on any vehicle?

A ceramic coating can only be applied to vehicles that are in decent condition and that have been properly prepped. This typically excludes old vehicles, vehicles with lots of scratches or dents, and wrapped vehicles. We currently only offer ceramic coating for cars, SUVs, Trucks, and pretty much anything that drives on a main road.