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About Carpro CQuartz

“The incredible 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity formula is based on the same technology as the original CQUARTZ with some interesting tweaks. Other ceramic coatings have far less SiO2 (Quartz) in the product, however CQUARTZ UK has 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity. This is the first ever coating which has this concentration! The pure quality ensures the most transparent glass coat film over the surface, which guarantees long lasting coating with extreme strength and water-repellency. Once the liquid meets the open air it cures and forms a ceramic quartz hard coating on the surface with extreme hydrophobicity and gloss beyond even that of CQUARTZ.” – Carpro-us.com

Carpro Benefits

  • An improved CQUARTZ formula that provides resistance to chemicals, salt, and environmental damage as well as provides excellent UV protection.
  • The high silica-quartz content creates a hard glassy layer across painted or gel-coat surfaces.
  • Adds incredible levels of depth to the paint along with unbelievable water and dirt repellency and a rugged durability measured in years.
  • CQUARTZ UK has 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity. This extremely high SiO2 level gives superior protection and gloss.
  • CARPRO products come with a production date

Top Coat Options

Carpro Cquartz 3.0 is unique in that there are various topcoats you can add on to improve the paint coating as well as protect other surfaces. Here is a list of the top coats available and the unique benefits they provide.

Cquartz Sic

  • Additional chemical resistance from 2-13PH
  • More in depth gloss
  • Additional 2 years longevity
  • Same chemical used to make rocket engines – extreme resistance to heat
  • Perfect as a Coating or Top Coating

Cquartz Gliss

  • More resistance to scratches, marring, swirls, etc.
  • More in depth gloss
  • Additional 2 years longevity
  • Anti-Static – resists dust retention
  • Perfect as a Coating or Top Coating

Cquartz Flyby30

  • Glass protection up to eight months
  • Repels water, dust, dirt, sleet, snow, and other airborne contaminants
  • Given its name due to its unique ability to cause water to bead up and roll off at speeds in excess of 30mph
  • Extreme hydrophobic qualities mean less windshield wipers and better rainy day clarity
  • Perfect for all exterior glass

Cquartz DLUX

  • Shine and protection up to two years
  • Revitalizes trim and rubber without leaving any unwanted slick greasy residue
  • Incredible UV protection to prevent cracking, peeling, and other damage caused from the heat
  • Hydrophobic and temperature resistant up to 800F
  • Easier cleaning and no more tire shine
  • Perfect for any rubber, faded plastic, metal, alloy wheels, and tires

Cquart Leather 2.0

  • Leather protection up to two years
  • Creates a better than new finish without the overbearing gloss
  • Resists dye transfer, stains and dirt
  • Hydrophobic and oilphobic
  • UV protection and easier cleaning
  • Preserves color and resists fading
  • Perfect for any traditional or synthetic leather surface

Our Carpro Packages

Get next level protection with our ceramic coatings that are 10x better than wax!

Carpro Cquartz 3.0 - $699 Starting

Includes a full exterior detail, clay decontamination, iron fallout removal, 1 step paint correction, and Cquartz 3.0 applied to all exterior paint

  • 2-6 year longevity
  • Maximum protection and insane gloss
  • Self cleaning properties

Carpro Quartz 3.1 - $799 Starting

Includes Carpro Cquartz 3.0 plus: The glass and rims are also deep cleaned and coated with their designated coating.

  • 2-6 year longevity
  • Maximum protection and insane gloss
  • Self cleaning properties

Carpro Quartz 3.2 - $899 Starting

Includes Carpro Cquartz 3.1 plus: All exterior trim and tires are deep cleaned and coated as well.

  • 2-6 year longevity
  • Maximum protection and insane gloss
  • Self cleaning properties

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Frequently Asked questions

What is a ceramic coating?

A Ceramic Coating is comparable to a wax, but better! Ceramic coatings are the glossiest, longest lasting, most durable form of protection currently on the market. They create a thin, hydrophobic layer on the top layer of your vehicles paint, chemically bonding to the vehicles paint underneath. Unlike a wax, a ceramic coating will not break down rapidly and will not require re-application every few months.

Will a ceramic coating cover up scratches?

No, a ceramic coating will not cover up scratches. In order to get rid of scratches, your vehicle must undergo a paint correction with a dual action polisher. All of our ceramic coating options contain varying levels of paint correction to enable maximum gloss post application.

Will I still need to wash my car?

Yes, you will still need to wash your car after a ceramic coating is applied. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. Although you will still need to wash your vehicle, the hydrophobic properties will allow you to minimize the effort for better results.

Can a ceramic coating go on any vehicle?

A ceramic coating can only be applied to vehicles that are in decent condition and that have been properly prepped. This typically excludes old vehicles, vehicles with lots of scratches or dents, and wrapped vehicles. We currently only offer ceramic coating for cars, SUVs, Trucks, and pretty much anything that drives on a main road.

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What our clients say about us

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Zane did an incredible job on our cars! This guy works his tail off! He worked and got my car looking brand new and it was EXTREMELY dirty! (We own a crazy Labrador pup and lived on a farm, so my car was a wreck) now my car looks brand new!! He is professional, easy-going and was very flexible with our changing schedule. He comes to your home so you literally don’t have to worry about a thing. ZVD thinks of all the details and is an excellent business, and is also very timely and quick to respond! Use him!! You will not regret it!!

Cady Kendall
Seneca, SC

Just had the awesome pleasure of having Zane detail my car!! He is a Clemson student with an incredible eye for quality! He devoted himself to every nick and cranny and my ride Looks as good as it did when I drove it off the car lot 4yrs ago! Trust me when I say I would never trust anyone else to do as well a job!

Pam Meier
Clemson, SC

Zane did a fantastic job washing and waxing my Audi. He was very courteous and professional. No shortcuts taken to get done quickly. He took his time and it shows. The convenience of having it done on your own driveway is a no brainer. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a detail service.

Barb Menne
Clemson, SC

Awesome job done by Zane detailing my Camry. Camry looks better now than when I drove off the car lot. I will be having Zane do the SUV next weekend. Excellent young man and very talented.

David Lariscy
Clemson, SC

Excellent job. I have not seen my car inside and out look that good in a long time. Thank you so much.

Nancy Wallace
Clemson, SC

ZV detailing did an incredible job. Very professional, skilled and hard working. Made my 2013 Mercedes look brand new. He is very detailed in his work and takes heart in what he does! Highly recommend!! Also you will be supporting a Clemson student! Great!

Arman Kriner
Clemson, SC

Zane did a amazing job on my SUV. It looked like a brand new car when he finished. He is very professional and reliable. I highly recommend his services.

Angie Turnell
Seneca, SC